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People from different countries speak different languages. All the languages are not alike. Each has its own way of strokes while writing and different slangs while speaking. Each language is special. Assume writing a book or an article for a magazine. You will obviously wish everybody to read and enjoy the book. As many languages rule the world, it is not necessary that everyone has to understand your writing. What is the solution for it? Either let the book to be in the original language or you need to translate it to the language you wish. This is one simple example for the need of translation. The person or the software that performs the translation is called as the translator.

Need for translation and translator

English is a globally accepted language. Almost most of the people from different countries understand English. Though they understand English, each country has its own languages. People of different countries are proud of their own language and wish to speak and write in their native language. Though English is understood by many people, it is not necessary for them to have a good knowledge in English. Even if people know how to write in, only few know to write flawless English. Though English is spoken in most countries, remember that it is only the third largely spoken language across the world. So, there are also people who do not know English.

Though most of the write-ups have to be translated to and from English, there is also necessary for certain documents and notes to be translated to and from two different languages. To translate from different languages, one must know the language. It is not possible for a person to know all the languages. So, there is a necessity of a translator who is well versed in the language to be translated. Having read the above points, one must have doubts in mind where the translators are used and why it is used. For more information, check Lighthouse Online. Translators are used in many fields in today’s world. As long as people are willing to read information from around the world and as long as they are in search of knowledge, there will be a need for translation

Types of translation

Publishing books is not the only field where translation is used. Below are the different types of translations :

Financial translation

Judicial translation

Certified translation  and many more

Translator tool

It is not possible for a human translator to be well versed in all languages. So, many companies use translator tool for their translation. The tool has various facilities and the translator can easily translate the technical terms based on the field it is used.

The tool helps in

Check for incorrect line and paragraph breaks and incorrect wrapping of texts

Handling commas, quotation marks, apostrophe’s and similar symbols

Translates the language form one to another

Take care of technical terms and makes sure that appropriate word is used.

Helps in displaying only a part of the document that is being translated

Proof reading by checking for the grammar and spellings

Translation done by both the translator tool and a human has both pros and cons. When it comes to accuracy and the languages known, the tool is better when compared to humans. Similarly when the content has to be written based on the end user’s feeling, human translation is better than the tool. So, one can opt for human translators with the help of translator tool to provide the best translation.

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The translator takes care of few points while translating the document. They make sure that the sentences are to the point.

They understand the end users of the document and write accordingly, At times, there are more than one word to denote a particular thing, they use the more appropriate word based on the usage.

Reviews the document and checks for quality

Formatting the document by taking care of unnecessary spaces, repeating texts, highlighting, aligning and other such cosmetic changes

Proof reading is done before it is submitted to the client.
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