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Translator tool: This tool can help the human translator to be more confident about what he or she translates. As our tool supports maximum languages that other tools, our customers are very much satisfied about this tool. We are very much happy to say that the tool does not translate everything word by word. It translates to provide proper sentences in the requested language while confirming the grammar is perfect.

Quality check Tool: We have never received negative feedback about this tool. Apart from the basic functionality like spell check, alignment and grammar check that is available in the normal word document, our quality check tool has advanced features that improves the quality of the document. We often get request for adding more and more features in this tool and we keep updating the tool with many advanced features.

Proof reading tool: This is the best tool for doing the final check of the document before production. This tool can be used separately even in other fields. It is not only the translation document that needs proof reading, even a document that is created in industries like manufacturing industries need to be checked before it is moved to production. Various customers have purchased the tool for use in different industries and have provided their feedback about it.

Grammar check tool: Similar to the proof reading tool, we have developed a grammar check tool which can be used in multiple industries. The advanced feature in our tool is that it can correct grammar usage of many languages. So, it is best for any translating company. We have specified our reviews here. It is time for you to use it and add on your views to it.

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What Human Translator says about us

The translator takes care of few points while translating the document. They make sure that the sentences are to the point.

They understand the end users of the document and write accordingly, At times, there are more than one word to denote a particular thing, they use the more appropriate word based on the usage.

Reviews the document and checks for quality

Formatting the document by taking care of unnecessary spaces, repeating texts, highlighting, aligning and other such cosmetic changes

Proof reading is done before it is submitted to the client.
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